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Travel around the world just playing this game!

There are so many locations in the world you may want to visit. Capitols, big cities, small towns. Do you know, where they are located?

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Find locations on a blind map!

A blind map is a map without borders, city names, roads and trains. Just pure nature: mountains, coasts, great plains, forrests or just deserts. Can you find a given location on such a blind map?

Do you know whether a city like Lampedusa is located on a coast or in the mountains? Rather in the north or on the west coast? In Europe or Africa? All these questions lead to this geography game - find a location on a blind map only by name and some sightseeing highlights!

Are you better than the other players?

Check our statistics to see, which locations were found by others better than by you. Or maybe you set the record for a single location?