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About the game and the author

The original idea for this kind of map game came from TV quiz shows in Germany, where such games were played. I asked myself whether there existed such a game online - Google Maps would seem a good base for this type of quiz. There are some games like this out there, but none of them uses Google Maps, nearly all require Flash and/or a registration to be able to play. So KartenQuiz was created in March 2009 and since then experiences growing traffic and usage.

New! Now for something completely new: The Distance Between is a new geography game based on the data used here. But there you don't have to find places, but just to estimate the distance between two given cities. But before you just look at Google Maps to get the right answer - wait, it's not that easy. You will have to recalculate the distance into the length of the Grand Canyon or the speed of sound or some other funny metrics.

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The Map Game is a project from the developer of the German map game KartenQuiz. Direct any inquiries to:

Marek Luthardt
Neubruchstr. 26b
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