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How to play this game

This is the description for The Map Game, the geography quiz using Google Maps. It's easy and fun to play, you don't need to register or even pay for it, just start to play.

If you are not sure what to do and how to play, just read these explanations.

The goal

The goal of this geography quiz is to find locations on a blind map. A blind map shows no state and country borders, no names, no roads or railroads. Is the location we ask for rather in the south or in the north? Near a river or a shore or just at the foot of a mountain? You can answer such questions but just two clicks with your mouse.

What to do

Choose any location you want to search and find from the menu above or just let us choose a random location from our database. We will give you the name and some keywords associated with this location. Some sentences about this city will give you an idea what you have to look for.

The red marker showing your guess for this locationThen just click on the map below this introductory words. With this click you will place a red marker on the map. You can then drag and drop this marker or even click at any other position on the map, which will then move the marker to the position you clicked at.

The yellow marker showing the correct position for this locationWhen you think you found the correct position, just click once more, but right on the marker. Then the map will be switched to a more common view and you will see another marker showing you the real position of the location we asked for.

On the left bar you will see the distance between your guess and the correct position. There we also give you the average distance of all locations you have played so far.

Telling the world about your score

If you log in with your Twitter account using the button on the top left, your activities in the Map Game will be twittered using your account. So you can show your followers, how you know the world.

More options for Twitter users will be added soon. Stay tuned and come back!