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What would be a game without a high score list? So here are the high scores, some data about all games played until now and your personal results in this session.

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Statistics about all locations

Currently we have 1019 locations in our database. 1019 of them where played yet making 129349 clicks. The best guess was Helsinki with 0 miles distance, the worst was Bissau with 12363. In average all locations were missed by 1022 miles.

The 3 most often played locations are Fukushima (played 2536 times), Brussels (played 1442 times) and Tripoli (played 1415 times). But there are good chances you can set the record on one of these locations, played the least times so far: Bassum (played 15 times), Malente (played 15 times) and Wegscheid (played 15 times).

The location with the best average distance is Roskilde being missed by 78 miles, Hastings with an average distance of 7010 miles is the location being missed most so far.

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874 users have logged in so far, @Szoszolo being the last one at 04/13/16 at 04:30:49 AM. These users have played 7285 times so far choosing 992 different locations.

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