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Top Ten - The 10 best players and their highscore

All players that have logged in to play compete for places on this top ten list.

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Position User Current score
1 theokl64 3157
2 rafamoroni 2995
3 ssvikings 2465
4 antifjord 1974
5 klammerzu 1882
6 lafjarivas 1830
7 HappyAmazon 1743
8 FrixMond 1694
9 lorueda93 1441
10 Rigaux86 1310

Hey, a small hint for those who want to get here quickly: just go to the statistics page and choose one of the locations where a lot of people missed quite far, but you are sure to know better than them. Being better than the average lets your score grow up quickly. Just playing lots of locations lets your score grow too, but not as quickly as outperforming the rest.